International Cooperation

Internationalization is a key aspect for research activities. Creating international networks, exchanging experiences and monitoring current trends is a prerequisite for quality scientific research.
Internationalization is achieved in several ways and there is an effort to incorporate the principles of internationalization into all activities performed.
The most significant contact with foreign institutions is realized through project activities. This type of cooperation is very effective, especially due to its long-term and intensive nature. International projects are usually solved in a few years, so it is possible to deal with the research topic in detail and established partnerships persist even after the completion of projects and are used in other areas of activity. This effectively supports the networking of research institutions. In the monitored period, contacts were established in this way, especially to the Bavarian and Austrian institutions, which is positive due to the geographical and historical proximity of these regions.3

The following projects and institutions that were involved in their solution can be mentioned as examples:
-    Entrepreneurial competencies in the Czech-Bavarian labor market (Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule Regensburg)
-    International dual study Czech Republic – Bavaria (Technische Hochschule Deggendorf)
-    Methodological concept for effective support of key professional competencies using a foreign language (FH OÖ Forschungs und Entwicklungs GmbH)
-    Czech - Austrian student meeting  "Start your company" (Bundeshandelsakademie und Höhere Technische Lehranstalt Freistadt)
-    „Where after study?“ (Fachhochschule Oberösterreich)
-    Tourist destinations for the segment of university students in the border area of ​​southern Bohemia and Austria (IMC Fachhochschule Krems)

Another important tool of internationalization are scientific conferences, which enable personal meetings of foreign and domestic participants as well as the presentation of current results of research.


  • 07/01/2021

    We are happy to announce that the Conference Proceedings has been published. It is available online at the SHS Web of Conferences website.

  • 18/11/2020

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  • 22/10/2020

    Thanks to the authors for the submitted articles. A review process is currently underway.

  • 15/10/2020

    We are preparing the International Conference on Entrepreneurial Competencies in a Changing World (ECCW 2020)

    The conference will take place on 19 November 2020

    Conference Proceedings 2020 will be sent for evaluation to Web of Science, Clarivate Analytics to be included into Conference Proceedings Citation Index (CPCI)

    The conference is announced in SHS Web of Conferences forthcoming

  • 09/07/2020

    All dates are valid. We expect that the conference should take place on the originally agreed date. We are monitoring the situation due to COVID-19. If the situation will be not safe, the conference will take place online. Proceedings of the conference will be published regardless of this situation.

Important Dates


by 5 October 2020

Deadline for submission of papers

by 31 October 2020

Deadline for submission of revised papers

by 10 November 2020

Final decision on paper acceptance, after the review prodecure

On 19 November 2020

The conference takes place

Conference Fees

Due to the fact that the conference is organized within the research project, the conference fee will not be charged.